Saturday, 26 October 2013

long time away.......but always here......

Isn't it amazing how you come on here every day, maybe a few times a day and read all the brilliant blogs and marvel at what all you lovely people get up to.......then you think right! I'm going to start this week....I know I'll make a little plan so I'm not just rambling(note to self...stop rambling!) Then each day or couple of days I'll post something and it will become habit and the words will flow and it will all lovely!

I've done some wonderful things this year and for the most part it's been absolutely gorgeous....there's photos to share adventures to tell you about but life as a working mam with three children, a husband, a dog, there gerbils, a rabbit and a goldfish seems to blow my amazing plans out of the water!

This blog was a form therapy in a wierd and wonderful way...getting my thoughts, some of my worries and ideas I thought might help other people out there into the big wide world!  Events over the past month have made me want to get my blogging mojo back and today is a baby step towards it...

So my famous last words will be  "Watch this space......"

I will  be back very soon


Natalie xxxx

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  1. Blogging can take up precious time, but it's nice to have those memories in a place where you can look back on them. Hope to read more from you soon.