Sunday, 31 October 2010

Week 1 - Day 1 - Cutting out all that is not needed

Today I am going to be drawing up a menu for the coming week and I will not waiver from what is on that list.  I have done this before and I found it invaluable.   I will have to drag myself away from the 3 for 2  or even the buy 1 get 2 free(which seem to cost twice as much as they usually do anyway!! go figure!!!)and BOGOFs that I don't really need but still get because I am convinced it's a bargain.  

I am also a great believer of preparing a meal from scratch rather than convenience food as I'm not really convinced that you save money or time!  It takes as long to make a family sized Lasagne and cook it s it does to stick  a shop bought one in the oven and my homemade one tastes twice as nice and is much healthier as I know exactly what is and isn't going in there! also I will be scouring the likes of Aldi's and Lidl's for the offers on the fresh fruit and veg!!!  No one has an excuse not to buy healthy food when it is 39-59p!!! And with the cold weather and dark nights upon us there is going to be plenty of "Cawl"(Welsh Lamb Stew), stews and casseroles!!!

As well as trying to reduce them money I spend I am in desperate need of de-cluttering the whole family's wardrobes and toy cupboards.  My mum always claims that a tidy house helps keep a tidy mind!  I have to admit that she has a point!!!  If the washing, ironing and housework starts to pile up it does affect my mental away with the summer stuff for me and a dose of checking the kid's wardrobe for clothes that are too small for them.  What I love about this is my eldest daughter's clothes go to my niece/friends daughter who will wear them until they are too small for them then I get them back for my youngest daughter and when they are too small for her I now have a younger niece who is next in line!!!! I am so proud when I see something on my niece or youngest which was originally worn by my oldest daughter all those years ago....Recycling to the max.  I have similar situation with my son  with the help of my nephew and my cousin's son so I rarely buy clothes for my younger children...I'm so lucky!  I will be donating some toys to charity and the church I attend so someone else will benefit from whatever I do this week which will make my soul feel good.  So, everyone's  winner!

I have also advised the children that one day a wek is going to be no electic gadget tv, DS,s, get the picture!! This will be just as difficult for me as I do use my computer everyday even if it is only for 15 mins....we will play board games, do a bit of craft(Christmas coming soon!) etc.  My kids were really positive and are looking forward to spending time as  family....I will let you know how it goes!!!!

Saturday, 30 October 2010


I am approaching a milestone in my life and have recently left a job that I had done for nearly 20 years to go in a new and wonderful direction....the aim of this blog is to let you come along on my journey to a simpler more frugal but still fun life....enjoy....!!!?