Saturday, 7 May 2011

Thank the Lord for the Rain!!

I just want to say that I have never looked forward to rain so much in all my life and it has worked it's magic and things are popping left, right and centre in my garden!!! Hoorah!!!

Thank God for the rain!!


Thursday, 5 May 2011


Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well as I type this post....sorry again for the long spaces between posting...sometimes life just gets in the way ;o))

The school holidays, bank holidays and "Teacher training" pinned on the end(for two of the three children as the comprehensive is picking a random day in May instead..don't you just love it!) have messed with my head and my body clock a bit too so hopefully I can do some decent post on a regular basis from now on (fingers crossed!)

I have planted some flowers etc in the garden and I got some Jamie Oliver herbs(parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, margoram and mint 1/2 price) so they are in my garden along with other eatable things that I will expand on if they materialise...My peas are coming through and my dad has given me some beans that he started off so I'm on my way on the gardening front which is enough to put a smile on my face.

Over the school holidays(week before and week after Easter in Wales) I worked so the children stayed with my mother and father in law, my husband or my mum and dad's but as I only do 4 hours a day it wasn't soooo bad and I still had the bank holidays.  We went to Porthkerry Park & St Fagans over the Easter weekend and went for a woodland walk with the dog in Wentwood and Chepstow Castle and Museum on The May day weekend so we all had loads of fun as a family which is always a good thing.

I went on a training course yesterday to enable me to teach Seated physical activities to the residents in work!!! It was lots of fun and I can't wait to get them moving about a bit!!

Here is my 4 week menu plan:-

Week 1

MONDAY: Hot dogs, wedges and salad
TUESDAY: Baked fish, rice/pasta and salad
THURSDAY: Oven cooked burgers, chips and salad
FRIDAY: Chicken Fajitas, salad andf tortilla chips
SATURDAY: Curry and brown rice
SUNDAY: Roast beef Sunday dinner

Week 2

MONDAY: Salmon, salad and new potatoes
TUESDAY: Chili con carne and brown rice 
THURSDAY: Pesto Chicken, rice/pasta, salad
FRIDAY: Chicken enchiladas and salad
SATURDAY: Home made pizza, wedges and garlic gread
SUNDAY: Roast pork Sunday dinner

Week 3

MONDAY: Spagetti bolognese and garlic bread
TUESDAY: Baked fish, rice/pasta, salad
THURSDAY: Pork loins, new potatoes and salad
FRIDAY: Prawn curry and brown rice
SATURDAY: Chicken fajitas, salad and tortilla chips
SUNDAY:  Roast lamb Sunday dinner

Week 4: 

MONDAY:Oven cooked burgers, chips and salad
THURSDAY: Tuna steaks, rice/pasta and salad
FRIDAY: Chili con carne and rice
SUNDAY:  Roast chicken Sunday dinner

I have bought the bulk of the ingredients etc for all for weeks as well as stuff for the sandwiches, sandwich bag staples and it came to approx £220, so all I need to buy is fresh vegetable and fruit, milk and bread(if I don't bake it) and it is a mixture of economy, best and mid range products within the shop so I was quite impressed with that!!

I will have to love you and leave you for now but I will be back soon,

Take care all xxxxxxxxx