Sunday, 27 February 2011

How was your weekend?

I had a nice nephew had his 6th birthday yesterday which, with 24  6 year old biys and girls was eventful to say the least...then I went to do my shopping....I spent £150....I got loads including the usual school stuff, juices bread, fruit etc and this should mean I haven't got to do a big shop for at lest two weeks so its all good.

Meal plan for next week:-








I am going to try and make some bread throughout the week as I have a cupboard full of flour etc, I have three v large and v ripe bananas that are feeling sorry for themselves so I intend to make a gluten free cake for my mum and one for my family as they are low fat and extremely tasty(recipe in a previous post) and there is a yoghurt that has just finished being made going in the fridge as I type so its all good at the moment!

In my wisdom today I purchased a mushroom growing kit from Aldi's as well as an early crop strawberry starter kit.  My intention is to get some fruit trees that have been grown especially for pots and wont grow too big...the ones in Aldi's stated that they would grow to between 5 and 25 ft!!!  I did look on the internet and found some and I will try and purchase them over the next few weeks, eating apple, cooking apple and plum ;oO....I also have some poundland spuds and that need to be chitted and shallots to be planted so I better pull my socks up!!  Also I have been inspired by Keepapi Creative to make some sort of preserve, marmalade, hopefully!

My two younger children are back in school tomorrow, my older child is in the comprehensive and has a teacher training not only have I got to beg, steal and borrow favours for the school holidays I also have children with different teacher training days to add in to the fun fun! They have had a nomadic week with a different person including my husband and I having them each day of the week but they had a couple of chill out days(which equals staying in the PJs all day!), we went to an arts and crafts session and Abergavenny, my mother and father in law had my three and my niece and nephew(don't envy them..3 of them are 11 + and were happy with ipods, laptops and doing nails!!), my dad took them to see the Neslon museum and then my mum took them to the pantomime on Friday....They'll be going to school for a rest!!  My oldest child went to a creative writing workshop for young people 11+ with my dad today and they were the only ones there so she basically had a 1-1 workshop with a poet!!!! Lucky girl,  she loved it and learnt loads, wrote some poetry that is going to be displayed in the art gallery in Blaenavon..I'm so happy for her, I am going over the next few weeks as it is more geared to adults but they are encourging N to go to those too!!!  Three generations writing creatively together....what an amazing and special memory we will be making!!!

I can't believe that March is quickly descending on us.....St David's Day on Tuesay!!...which I absolutely love, daffidils, welsh cakes, singing (loads of welsh songs ready for the singalong in work), my little ones in their outfits(photos will be posted!!)...I am so proud to be Welsh!!! and the referendum on Thursday!!!! Yet another busy week...but I shouldn't complain as I have my health, my family and friends, a roof over my head and I live in a democracy!!!

May you have a blessed, fruitful and enjoyable week ahead of you

Nos da

Natalie xxxxxxx

Friday, 25 February 2011


As I have stated earlier in the week my frugalising mojo faded a bit in February and that has annoyed me!!!  I was still pretty good and on spent approx £450 for the whole month on shopping...everything* 2 grown-ups, 3 children and a labrador!!!)!!! So I am not totally lost, however I have bought(YES bought!!) cards and pressies for birthdays etc when I have cupboards spewing out all manner of crafty stuff begging me to find some time to get re-acquainted with them and millions of toys that should be re-gifted to new owners!!

I have also slipped on the old weekly menu and cost posts that I started, which I found therapuetic and helpful and someone out there may find them helpful....I have also slipped on the recipes etc. Bad blogger!!!!

As I have stated  before I have changed my career path, which I absolutely love but I am half the money I earned this time last year...I therefore need to start car booting, to clear my chocablock garage so that maybe, just maybe, a car could squeeze in there and to ensure that my aching creeking attic doesn't fall in on me in the middle of the night.  I also need to start making and selling my cards, "Cloth Cupcakes, Nappie Cakes, Jewellery and other homemade items to generate money......a plan must been drawn up and steps taken ;o)))

I also have to plan what I am going to grow in my postage stamp garden to become ever so slightly more self sufficient which I hope to do this weekend and attempt to become a bit greener to boot too!!

So, we can safely say we have a couple of things to getting on with over then next few weeks!!!!

Fun Fun Fun

I will draw up next weeks menu on Sunday for the week ahead and then give you the low down on how much was spent.

Have a simply divine and delightful weekend XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Do you ever get that feeling?.............

I don't know what it is but for the past 3 months or so I have had an overwhelming feeling I should be doing more with my life.....I NEED to get involved in my community, bring a bit of sunshine into lives of people less fortunate than is a feeling deep down in my stomach and it is constantly there...maybe it's a "turning 40 thing" I don't know but it just wont go away....

Don't get me wrong, I love my job, it is amazing to me still that I get paid to do my job, singing, dancing, crafting and gardening with a group of people who have lived long, varied and wonderful lives but I believe I need to get out there in my local community and help.

How, where, when is another matter but I know deep in my heart this feling won't go away!

I am so glad I have got that off my chest ;O)

Thanks for listening..reading....oh you know what I mean!

Love to you all xxxx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I have done over 60 posts since I started this blog in late November 2010 but I realise these are my photo diary(Since January!!).  I have, therefore decided to only do my photos once a week, probably on the weekend, this should give me the motivation and the time to actually write something in my blog rather than just describing photographs ;o)

It's the start of a new month on Tuesday (and it's St David's Day!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!).  So my pledge for March is to get my frugal mojo back, which will entail getting back to my menu plans, telling you how much I spent each week and sharing some yummy recipes.  I also promised to make 52 crafty things this year...I did have a bit of a head start as I made a nappie cake and other baby items(will give you a breakdown and photos in a later blog!), some of my "cupcakes" and some valentine cards so I have probably done more than 8 items which puts me right for the end of February!  What is frustrating me is I have som many ideas buzzing around in my head and I need to start making them a reality ;oO!!!

SO onwards and upwards on my new and improved zest for a more frugal,simple and eco-friendlier existence!!

Nite nite y'all


Monday, 21 February 2011

Photo Diary 17-21/2/11

17/2/11 - Went to see John Bishop in Cardiff

18/2/11 - Started knitting in an attempt to stop me eating...scarf as that is all my brain can manage at the mo!!

19/2/11 - Mum and Dads went to St David's for a holiday and went to a Fete were the got me some material and these scraps of leather...Ooh I have so many ideas for this!!!!

20/2/11 - R at his Karate grading - went from white to orange belt(he has missed one grading)

20/2/11 - N at her Karate grading - she went from yellow to green

21/2/11 - I don't leave your kids alone upstairs for 5 mins......and this happens!!!! ;O)))

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

15/2/11 - I made little felt brooches and sort of matching cards with the residents, they loved them!!

16/2/11 - My house has clothes drying on every available space!!!
The rain has stopped today but because the dog goes out in the garden if it is fine
I can't hang washing out because he pulls it all of to make a nice comfy bed for himself!!!
Even though he has a warm kennel with a blanket in already >:o(

Monday, 14 February 2011

Photo Diary 14/2/11

14/2/11 - My Valentine Presents from my darling husband ;o)))))

 And a single rose for each of his daughter's!!!!! ( Son had a bar of Chocolate!!)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Photo diary....6/2/11 - 13/2/11

6/2/11 - spent all dy on the loo and drinking water

7/2/11 - Day 2 of tummy bug..still on the loo and drinking water..oh and a rich tea biscuit

8/2/11 - This is where I spent most of the day as this bug knocked myself and Princess N for six!!

9/2/11 - Felt much better, Princess N went back to school and I made some more "Cupcakes" from de-icer/airfreshner lids!, lipgloss/balm and a flannel!!

10/2/11 - Made my first batch of yoghurt using my new Easi-yo!!! It was delicious!!!

11/2/11 - felt in the mood for a little drinky-poos!!  Sloe gin and lemonade for hubby and Sherry and lemonade for me!!

12/2/11 - Guess who hijacked my I-pod and as you can see she is back to her nomal self!!!

13/2/11 - Not a brilliant photo but this is my knitting back and a back to basics book, hoping to do a bit tonight ;o)

I hope everyone had a lovely week and have a wonderful week ahead!!


Wednesday, 9 February 2011


How is everyone......My absence has been due to the fact that both myself and my youngest daughter have been struck down with a tummy bug for several days...not good ;o(

However we are both on the road to recovery and getting stronger every day!!!!

For me the loss of 1/2 a stone was the only good thing to come out of it for me :o)))

I will, therefore, be coming on here and reading and commentsing on your blogs later tonight!!!



Saturday, 5 February 2011

Friday, 4 February 2011

up and down :o( ;o)))

Well what a wierd and wonderful week I have had so far!!!

My car(yes my new car has been in the garage twice...once to find out why a light was coming on and then once more to sort the problem!!! £40!!!! marvelous!!! As I know nothing about cars I was expecting it to be £100s but my mechanic is a lovely man!!!!

Then I had a mega migraine on Wednesday!!! Now normally most months(you know whaat I mean ladies!!) I get what is known as a haemaplegic migraine, where I feel slightly numb on one side and then my vision goes funny for about 20-25mins and thats it!!! Horrible whilst it is happening and I feel a bit icky after(as with any type of migraine) and I have become accustomesd to them.  Wednesday was a migraine with the headache, vomiting etc and I am such a baby when I have these and just have to go to bed and hope it goes away!  So I basically slept all day!

Then yesterday my daughter complained of a bad tummy,which she does most mornings after saying she hates school, well break time and lunch time!! so she has cried wolf many times!  When I got home from work she said that she had "stinky burps" and a bad tummy in school, which I can verify she did(stinky burps wise) which is a sign that she had a tummy bug!  She went to bed fine and appeared at the living room door at 11.30pm saying she had been sick all over her bed!! So I had to sort her out, the bed out, washing machine on and her in bed with me, with hubby down on the sofa(his choice as he doesn't like her bottom bunk bed!)....amazingly she was fine straight after and was right as rain all day, though off school and staying with Nan and Grandad.

And tonight I have my son's friend sleeping over, I ummed and aughed over it, but we had put it off for one thing or another for over two weeks and she has been fine all day....but it may be a decision that comes back to haunt me!!!  So goodness knows when they will get to sleep!

Tomorrow I am going out for my third 40th birthday bash although my birthday was over a month ago!!!  About 8 of us are going to Cardiff...I haven't been out to Cardiff for over 10 years...and the forecast is rain and strong winds so I may leave the house looking reasonably attractive but I can't see it lasting long in that weather!!!

Oh well!!!

Photo Diary - 4/2/11

4/2/11    - Wales v England - 6 Nations.....:o(

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Photo diary-31/1/11 - 3/2/11 ......Sorry for delay!

31/1/11 - Had a day off to catch up on housework!!! How sad am I!!

1/2/11 - Got creative...inspired by scented sweetpea and was a test run for a craft session with the residents in work!

2/2/11 - Migraine.....:o(((

3/2/11 - I want a house like Polly Pocket