Saturday, 3 September 2011

Countdown to 6/9!

Well I can now say that the children have all they need to start back to "Ysgol" on Tuesday!!! Bought the last pair of school shoes, the obligitry new underwear and socks and waterproof coat for the younger two!!! So, come on Tuesday, lets be having you!!! I just want a teeny bit of routine to get my head straight!!!

Well I'll be fine tuning my monthly meal plan and shopping for it all on Monday.....I visited my mam and dad earlier today and they were eating "Cawl"(Welsh Lamb Stew) and I had a longing for stews and casseroles so I will be sure to include them in the coming months and Aldi's three bird roast is down to £6.99 at the moment so I am going to buy 4 of them and put them in the freezer because we all love it and as there are five of us there is plenty to go around! I am probaby going to stockpile some things that are on offer like washing powder, fabric conditioner and washing up liquid so I won't have to buy them for a while.  So I will get bck to you with them amount I spend once the shopping is done.

We are having a day out as a family tomorrow which will be lovely...The company I work for have organised and end of summer event/ family day at the community farm near where I live and it will cost us £5 for the five of us when it is usually between £10-15!!! there is a bbq, treasure hunt, access to the farm with food for animals, raffles etc so it should be great day. 

Another thing I am looking forward to is the family service in church tomorrow.  My dad and my son are playing their ukulele's and I will be playing my flute to accompany the hymns, my children wil be saying the Lord's Prayer in Welsh and I will be reading a poem that I have written so I pretty excited about that too!! It's gonna be a busy Sunday but i love it!!!!!

Anyway....I'm off now


Nat xx

Friday, 2 September 2011

School Shoe Shopping!!!!!

Today is the day I dread every shoe shopping!!!! I took the younger two to the dentist and then bit the bullet and ventured into my surprise it was relatively quiet!!! the ticket machine was on 15 and I was number 17 so I was quite sorted and £65 worse off! and I still have one child's shoes to buy!!!! She is in Year 8 and doesn't want any velcro of any sort anywhere near her feet!!(even the shoes for older girls in there mostly have a whiff of velcro but they also come in the size that my 6 year old wears...not good for the 12 year olds street cred!)  She has seen a few pairs she liked when she went to town with her Nan but none were in her size so I am taking her in to our town to see if they have anything there for her.  Clarks shoes have been excellent for my children over the years and my kids have the slowest growing feet in the world so the girls shoes last all year and my son's until Easter!(football, rugby, superheroes etc mean his fall apart rather than his feet growing!  So although bt the end of the weekend I will have spent near enough £100 on shoes they will serve my children well over the academic year so I see it as money well spent!

I still need to do a proper shop which may be tomorrow...if I can face Aldi and Asda on a Saturday!!!! :o(..
Also the children are all back in school on Tuesday as, you guessed it, there is teacher training on Monday!!! But with the beginning of a new school year comes some normality and order which is always welcome after the mad, dizzy school holidays!  So I can only put off going shopping until Monday anyway.....I will have to get myself psyched up - wish me luck!!

Have a great weekend

love Nat x

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Day 1 -Freezer Surprise for tea!

I haven't done a big shop and although I am not at the Old Mother Hubbard stage I am teetering on the edge of it!

However I managed to feed the family a healthy tasty, if a little bit wierd and wonderful, meal so I happy with that!

I will write a menu plan for the month, buy as much as I can at the beginning of the month and buy stuff like fruit etc as and when.

I have started saving the tetra pac as I have found out that the ASDA close to where I work has a carton recycling point so I won't be going out of my way to recycle them!! Marvellous!!

I have spent nothing today so I am happy with that too!!


Love Nat xx