Friday, 15 April 2011

What a chuffing week Ive had!!

Hello all,

I've just managed to get off the hamster wheel of mummy, wife, working woman life and having a breather before jumping back on!!!

I compiled a 4 week meal plan and went shopping and spent £200 and will only have to buy fresh fruit and veg and a few bits and bobs!!

Since last Friday I have had a cough and a cold which is still managing to linger and hang on in there today...It is snot central still and to top it off I was awoken by an upset tummy 5.23 this morning!!!(You always remember the time when you are woken early!! - Thank God for Imodium ;o)))

I haven't been to the gym or swimming this week because of the above and my gorgeous dad has given me and my mischevious dog a dog run that I would live in!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have triesd to explain how amazing it is to the kids that my dad had an idea in his head and made into reality and built it with his own hands and that this was a gift and a brilliant thing!!! I couldn't do it!!!(Photos to follow!)

I can now plan my garden safe in the knowledge that JJ will not immediately pull it out and shake it to death so a busy few weeks ahead me thinks.

I have had a whirlwind of school stuff, parties and usual after school stuff which I let get me down...Its that time of the month when the littlest thing has had me balling my eyes out!  Oh and to top my week off I had a bump in my car :O( is being sorted and there was nobody injured so I am very lucky.  I have a replacement car so I am able to carry on with day to day life!!

Anyhow, this was only a quicky and I will attempt to write a bit more regularly and have some creative and happy posts for all you lovely followers out there

Have a lush weekend



  1. Glad you are ok after the little bump in your car, although as I'm reading this at 7.15 on a saturday morning, I'm not quite reading right and thought you had a little bump, and I was starting to plan baby cards. Hope you feel better soon xxx

  2. Hope you are feeling better...what a week. You are super organised with the shopping. I seem to spend a fortune every week, thinking it will last ages and then by the end of the weekend I need to shop again!!
    So glad to hear you are okay after your bump. makes you jump.