Sunday, 27 March 2011


I've been a very bad blogger and haven't posted for a week or two!!! I feel really bad!!  I have been very busy, lost my way on my frugalizing and simple living and my craft mojo has stumbled a bit too..

Normal service will be resumed very soon and you will have a super doopa post very soon!! 

Just completed the Census for 5 of us so I'm all computered out!

Have a lovely week ahead all

Love n Hugs

Natalie xx


  1. we are all allowed to be bad now and again. Very bad however, well, that's only allowed once every 10 years. Welcome back xxx

  2. Looking forward to reading more soon- well done for doing your census- been putting mine off as it's too confusing! x

  3. I think we all have times when real life gets in the way of blogging, nice to have you back though. Well done on getting the census completed, our's is just waiting to be posted off.

  4. Hi Nellilou, good to hear from you. Will be good to read up on what's been going on when you get time to blog again. Karen x

  5. Good luck getting back on track. Don't try to push yourself too hard - it's counterproductive. And have fun - there's no real point otherwise!