Sunday, 13 March 2011

What Natalie Did......

This week has been another busy(ish week)

Monday I joined the local gym....I would like to point out that I thought long and hard and realised that a 1/2hour walk with the dog ain't gonna shift the pounds!!! I paid £310 in advance which meant that I had 12 months for the price of 10 saving myself £62 and I can use all the facilities in my local leaisure centre and three others in the area too so I was quite happy with that!  I have been to the gym 3 times this week and went swimming today and Tuesday so I am going to make damn sure I get more than my moneys worth!!

Tuesday was Pancake Day which I love and I made pancakes for my family and my mum and dad came over...they were gluten free as my mum is a coeliac but the were delicious one could taste the difference!  The toppings available were the old school lemon and sugar, then there was golden syrup, choocolate spread, marshmallows and lemon curd.  My youngest daughter went for the chocolate spread and marshmallow combo which looked delicious but I was old school as was my mum and dad!!!  It was fun and lovely to have us all together!!  It was also my monthly "Open Mic" night with my dad, it was an interesting night with a lady asking us to get involved in digital storytelling and then we all read poems we had written or admired....lush night spent with my lush dad!!

Wednesday was busy but not to bad, started Lent which entails giving up nice food and Facebook and following a daily Bible reading diary....;o)

Thursday my son was singing in a Schools Choral festival so I was running around a bit but it was lovely to here the choir sing!

Friday brought the devestating news of what was happening in Japan and made me realise what a lucky lucky person I am to be where I am, with a healthy family, a house that is still standing and all the creature comforts that we take for granted!!!!  My thoughts and prayers are with them all!!!!

Saturday was Karate day(for the 3rd day this week for darling eldest and son)  I will take them to the ends of the earth if it means they are getting some physical exercise!!!!)  I then tidied my greenhouse and garden which brought some extra colour to my already red face and got a line of washing out whille there was a hint of blue sky! 

And finally today was a delightfully, delicious, sunny Sunday!!! What more could you ask for?

I was up and out at 9.30 to go to the second writing workshop with my dad and it was once again a brilliant 3 hours, the poet who is taking the workshop was impressed with the work I had done and that has only stoked up my enthusiasm even more and the creative juices are overflowing at last...there has been a bit of a drought in recent times so I am sooooo glad ;o))))  and this afternoon the five of us went was a family fun time with balls, floats, toys, lights and music....the kids loved it and it was very nice to do something together as a family!

Although my heart is heavy for the people of Japan, and New Zealand still...I wish all my bloggy friends wherever you are a lovely week ahead.....XxXxXxXxXxX


  1. What a busy week you've had. I am full of admiration for you for accomplishing so much, and setting yourself targets for the weeks, months, year ahead. I'm glad you've not given up blogging for lent xxx

  2. sounds like a fun & busy week! x J

  3. Just found your blog - nice to read about all the things you've been up to and the writing workshop sounds really good. Keep it up ... maybe you'll get enough positive feedback from your tutor to put a bit of it on your blog??

  4. What another busy week you've had, and it was filled with lots of fun things too. The family swim sounds like something my kids would have enjoyed when they were younger.

  5. Hi Nellilou, my, you have had a busy time but it does sound like you've had a good time. Keep us posted.
    Karen x