Sunday, 29 July 2012

Olympic Fever

Hello All,

Well even the most ardent non royalist must have cracked a smile at the Queen on Friday night..She was a star!  This Olympics has had a positive effect on my family already after only a few days.  All of my children wanted to join their parents(even the teenager) to sit in amazement at the wonderful celebration of the UK that Danny Boyle created! We sat together eating Olympic cup cakes, and Olympic shortcake and all went to bed in the wee small hours of Saturday morning! 

The sports on show have ignited a passion in the kids to seek out new sports that they hadn't heard of let alone watched!  And I have taken a trip down memory lane watching the gymnastics, which I did myself from the age of 4-16!!  My children are amazed that I could do some of the things the tiny little creatures are doing and find it even harder to believe that Mam was one of those tiny little creatures many moons ago!

I can honestly say that I have always considered myself Welsh rather than British but its kinda cool to be British right now!

Have a fun week ahead all,


Natalie xx

PS there is a recipe for Gluten free quiches on my Recipes page, cheap and tasty!!

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