Saturday, 5 January 2013


Hello all,

Long time no see, as the saying goes....

I was so full of promises last year! Oh well, what's past is the past...nothing can change it!

Well 2013 is hopefully going to be a more frugal, self sufficient and simpler year!

I want to grow as much of my own fruit and veg as is possible in a little garden!

I want to live a more frugal existence(Slimming world and Gym not included, will explain this at a later date!) - eating healthy, tasty meals that don't cost the earth!

I want to live a simpler life, less stress, less clutter, more organisation!

I want to make a little bit of money doing or making things I love.....Dog Walking/pet sitting....craft....boot sales etc!

I will endeavour to make something every week, post a photo that sums up my week and keep you posted on what I'm up to!

I do come on here regularly to see how you are all getting on and to be inspired....

So have a blessed 2013 everyone!

much love

Natalie!! xx

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