Friday, 25 February 2011


As I have stated earlier in the week my frugalising mojo faded a bit in February and that has annoyed me!!!  I was still pretty good and on spent approx £450 for the whole month on shopping...everything* 2 grown-ups, 3 children and a labrador!!!)!!! So I am not totally lost, however I have bought(YES bought!!) cards and pressies for birthdays etc when I have cupboards spewing out all manner of crafty stuff begging me to find some time to get re-acquainted with them and millions of toys that should be re-gifted to new owners!!

I have also slipped on the old weekly menu and cost posts that I started, which I found therapuetic and helpful and someone out there may find them helpful....I have also slipped on the recipes etc. Bad blogger!!!!

As I have stated  before I have changed my career path, which I absolutely love but I am half the money I earned this time last year...I therefore need to start car booting, to clear my chocablock garage so that maybe, just maybe, a car could squeeze in there and to ensure that my aching creeking attic doesn't fall in on me in the middle of the night.  I also need to start making and selling my cards, "Cloth Cupcakes, Nappie Cakes, Jewellery and other homemade items to generate money......a plan must been drawn up and steps taken ;o)))

I also have to plan what I am going to grow in my postage stamp garden to become ever so slightly more self sufficient which I hope to do this weekend and attempt to become a bit greener to boot too!!

So, we can safely say we have a couple of things to getting on with over then next few weeks!!!!

Fun Fun Fun

I will draw up next weeks menu on Sunday for the week ahead and then give you the low down on how much was spent.

Have a simply divine and delightful weekend XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


  1. Maybe we can give each other a kick up the proverbial frugal ar$e and streamline our lives. It is free listing weekend this weekend on ebay, so get some stuff on there as well.

  2. Thanks Goergiegirl!!!! I am so nervous about listing...I am great at buying!!!! I may have to pluck up the courage and do it tomorrow!!!!

    How is the atmos in work with the 2nd round of "you know what"!!!? Hope you are ok?



  3. I gave up work last March so have to be quite careful with money nowadays. It's so annoying looking back now and seeing how we frittered money away whilst I was working.