Thursday, 3 February 2011

Photo diary-31/1/11 - 3/2/11 ......Sorry for delay!

31/1/11 - Had a day off to catch up on housework!!! How sad am I!!

1/2/11 - Got creative...inspired by scented sweetpea and was a test run for a craft session with the residents in work!

2/2/11 - Migraine.....:o(((

3/2/11 - I want a house like Polly Pocket


  1. Card is so cute. i'm sure the residents will love it.

  2. We used to have loads of Polly Pocket in our house. You can tell when your children are growing up when they get rid of it all.

  3. oohh I like those little buttons you used on your card, so cute!

  4. firstly thankyou for your kind words on my blog. i so know what you mean i have so much housework to catch up on, i think your card looks fab so colourful x

  5. £1 a pack for the buttons in What! and there were enough to do 3 cards and I also did red cards with white button hearts which were effective too and the residents loved making them even though it was a bit tricky!!