Sunday, 13 February 2011

Photo diary....6/2/11 - 13/2/11

6/2/11 - spent all dy on the loo and drinking water

7/2/11 - Day 2 of tummy bug..still on the loo and drinking water..oh and a rich tea biscuit

8/2/11 - This is where I spent most of the day as this bug knocked myself and Princess N for six!!

9/2/11 - Felt much better, Princess N went back to school and I made some more "Cupcakes" from de-icer/airfreshner lids!, lipgloss/balm and a flannel!!

10/2/11 - Made my first batch of yoghurt using my new Easi-yo!!! It was delicious!!!

11/2/11 - felt in the mood for a little drinky-poos!!  Sloe gin and lemonade for hubby and Sherry and lemonade for me!!

12/2/11 - Guess who hijacked my I-pod and as you can see she is back to her nomal self!!!

13/2/11 - Not a brilliant photo but this is my knitting back and a back to basics book, hoping to do a bit tonight ;o)

I hope everyone had a lovely week and have a wonderful week ahead!!



  1. Hey Hey Nelli-Lou, good to see you back on form, I have an Easiyo, which has been languishing in the cupboard for a few months, but brought it back out about 10 days ago following a QVC TSV.

  2. Julian Graves had it with 25% off as well as all of the packets of yoghurt mix etc so I have stocked up on them!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you knit, don't forget to show us.

  4. Ha ha! I am still worshiping the porcelain bowl. At least today I cam look at the computer screen. Yesturday I couldn't even open my eyes. I hope you are feeling better!!