Monday, 21 February 2011

Photo Diary 17-21/2/11

17/2/11 - Went to see John Bishop in Cardiff

18/2/11 - Started knitting in an attempt to stop me eating...scarf as that is all my brain can manage at the mo!!

19/2/11 - Mum and Dads went to St David's for a holiday and went to a Fete were the got me some material and these scraps of leather...Ooh I have so many ideas for this!!!!

20/2/11 - R at his Karate grading - went from white to orange belt(he has missed one grading)

20/2/11 - N at her Karate grading - she went from yellow to green

21/2/11 - I don't leave your kids alone upstairs for 5 mins......and this happens!!!! ;O)))


  1. Congratulations to R and N, they've done very well.

  2. Well done to your two, they have done really well.