Friday, 4 February 2011

up and down :o( ;o)))

Well what a wierd and wonderful week I have had so far!!!

My car(yes my new car has been in the garage twice...once to find out why a light was coming on and then once more to sort the problem!!! £40!!!! marvelous!!! As I know nothing about cars I was expecting it to be £100s but my mechanic is a lovely man!!!!

Then I had a mega migraine on Wednesday!!! Now normally most months(you know whaat I mean ladies!!) I get what is known as a haemaplegic migraine, where I feel slightly numb on one side and then my vision goes funny for about 20-25mins and thats it!!! Horrible whilst it is happening and I feel a bit icky after(as with any type of migraine) and I have become accustomesd to them.  Wednesday was a migraine with the headache, vomiting etc and I am such a baby when I have these and just have to go to bed and hope it goes away!  So I basically slept all day!

Then yesterday my daughter complained of a bad tummy,which she does most mornings after saying she hates school, well break time and lunch time!! so she has cried wolf many times!  When I got home from work she said that she had "stinky burps" and a bad tummy in school, which I can verify she did(stinky burps wise) which is a sign that she had a tummy bug!  She went to bed fine and appeared at the living room door at 11.30pm saying she had been sick all over her bed!! So I had to sort her out, the bed out, washing machine on and her in bed with me, with hubby down on the sofa(his choice as he doesn't like her bottom bunk bed!)....amazingly she was fine straight after and was right as rain all day, though off school and staying with Nan and Grandad.

And tonight I have my son's friend sleeping over, I ummed and aughed over it, but we had put it off for one thing or another for over two weeks and she has been fine all day....but it may be a decision that comes back to haunt me!!!  So goodness knows when they will get to sleep!

Tomorrow I am going out for my third 40th birthday bash although my birthday was over a month ago!!!  About 8 of us are going to Cardiff...I haven't been out to Cardiff for over 10 years...and the forecast is rain and strong winds so I may leave the house looking reasonably attractive but I can't see it lasting long in that weather!!!

Oh well!!!


  1. Hope the sleepover went ok and that you have a great day today.

  2. at the end you found your red lipstick thouh din't you ?