Wednesday, 17 November 2010


This week I have got some decent freebies that I am going to use as parts of people's Christmas presents. I managed to get a free 8 page photobook that I am going to give my sister-in-law(thanks to my friend advising me and!!), I have got a bracelet and make-up bag for my niece, along with a dress that was reduced to £2(originally £18!!!) (they came free with magazines I bought(which also had a £1 off each of them because of the infamous Asda vouchers and they were extremely handy to read on the 3 hour train journey home London!!)).  I am also scouring my son's and older daughter's toy cupboards as I know there are a few games and toys that have never been touched in a year or more!!  I have been known to collect the free samples from magazines etc to fill little make-up bags etc as part of a gift!!!  Every little thing helps!!

Don't get me wrong I will be shelling out some money over Christmas!  I'm not Ebenezer Scrooge...I just like being frugal, eco-friendly and put some love into the gifts I give!!

I am half-way through one of the scarves I am to follow and have noticed on the money expert website that I could get 40 free prints which will come in handy for a few personalised gifts(6 calendars ) as well as a free personalised card and a free personalised card with 49p postage!  So they are my jobs for tomorrow.

I love a bargain...and freebies even better!!

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