Sunday, 21 November 2010


I have been inspired this weekend by a blog I noticed as I flicked through blogspot!!  But do you think I can find it again!!! NO!!!

The lady who's blog it was was soon to turn 38 and decided that she would do 38 random acts of kindness.  She showed all the acts of kindness that she did and had photos too!  I thought she was an amazing women and loved how she believed that she was bringing a little ray of sunshine to someone elses life with out expecting anything in return. It showed me that we can all do a little bit to make this world a better place. 

This modern day world is a very cold and unkind one alot of the time and I have been inspired by her to do a similar thing but unfortunately I am slightly older than her and have to do 40 before I get to 40 which is only just over a month away!!   I have  few ideas in my mind and if I can raise a smile or brighten up someones day then it will be worth it.

I'm quite excited and just hope that I don't get any negative reactions!!  We will have to wait and see!

Last week I spent approxminated £40 on food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, fruit, juices etc which I was very impressed with!

So to this weeks menu

Monday: Beef in Ale Casserole, roast potatoes and vegetables
Tuesday: Lamb & Apricot Burgers(grilled) and chips/fries(homemade if possible)
Wednesday: Mother in Laws for Tea!!!!
Thursday:  Fish, mashed potato and vegetables
Friday: Chicken Curry & Rice
Saturday: Pizza & wedges(homemade but may have shp bought to clear the freezer for Christmas
Sunday: Invited to family for lunch...lucky us!

My main thing for the next week or two is to try to clear my cupboards fridge and freezers to make way for Christmas!! So there may be a few "Freezer surprises" to clear the, fun, fun!

Have a fun week everyone....xx

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  1. Went a bit off the menu this week but there is a reason, DD1 and I had pasta one day and we had chilli instead fish on thursday...However because we decided to swap bedrooms with the girls and were extremely busy we had fish and chips and a takeaway on the weekend but I'm not going to beat myself up about it!!