Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I have had my hair cut and coloured today and feel like a new woman!!  It's amazing how a new hairstyle enhances your mood, confidence and day!  It cost £25 but as I only see the hairdresser about every 3 months so I don't feel like I have splurged out too much and I needed to get rid ot the grey!!!!

I have had a fairly decent week so far...I made a Lasagne for the kids and I and tried adding some finely chopped peppers and carrots to get the veggy content up a bit....I was fairly successful but they were noticed....and the fajitas yesterday were delicious and because of the Asda vouchers and reduced meat(with 2 days left before use by) it was a very cheap meal.  We seem to be getting through bread and fruit like wild fire this week so I have already got some more so I have to add about a fiver to this weeks budget!! ;o( but I don't mind too much as we ae all getting healthier food down our throats!! 

Today I made a gorgeous banana cake as I found some seriously black RIPE bananas in the cupboard, I did it between getting the children ready for school and physically taking them to school!


3 ripe bananas
8 oz of self raising flour
4 oz of dried fruit
a squirt of lemon juice
1 tsp of nutmeg
4 oz low fat spread
2 eggs beaten

Pre heat the oven to Gas mark . Mix the flour, nutmeg, dried fruit, lemon juice, spread and eggs until smooth in consistency.  Mash the bananas and add to the mix. Once thoroughly mixed, empty into a greased loaf tin, place in the oven for 40 minutes. once baked place on a wire rack to cool before wrapping in foil or placing in a airtight container.

I am conscious of the fact that Christmas is lurking so I will be starting the homemade presents this week!  I have already started a scarf using a lovely thin wool and size 12 needles.  It should be lovely(fingers crossed!)  I have also got some flannels in white and cerise to complete another one of my little presents!  I will make them, take a photo and then explain what I did!  I have already bottled the gins and vodkas I made and I just need to make personalised labels for them to finish them off.

I'd better get cracking and do a bit of knitting rather than being on here!

So as Tigger so brilliantly puts it TTFN!

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