Sunday, 7 November 2010

This week's meals etc....

Monday: Homemade lasagne & Lamb & apricot burgers for Steve(with homemade wedges).
Tuesday: Turkey Fajitas
Wednesday: Mother in Laws for tea!!!
Thursday: Prawn stir fry & vegetarian Meatballs, pasta and sauce for the children.
Friday: Take away(will explain later)
Saturday: Chicken Tikka/Korma, rice and poppadoms
Sunday: Roast pork dinner

This weeks total food bill came to £76!!!  Woo hoo! I am quite impressed with that!  I had money off coupons from Asda last week because I spent over £40!  Got some more today so should be fun next week too!! So I designed the menu with this in mind.  This £76 covers breakfast, lunch and dinner, fruit, bread and juice etc.  I am not a big fan of doing seperate food for Steve and I and the children but with Christmas approaching I want to use things up in the freezer and cupboards so needs must.   The ultimate sin is happening on Friday but there is a reason.  I am going to London with my friend for the weekend and I want the weekend to be easy for the family whilst I'm away!  and what is better is there is a voucher in the book for it!!!  Also the London trip is a money saving trip too as we have been saving £25 a month & a one off payment of £75 and that has paid for our train tickets, 2 shows, our oyster cards, our hotel room for two nights and about £90 to spend when we are down there!! Marvellous!! 

Bonfire Night was a roaring success, a big, gorgeous family event with about 20 of us!!! the children loved it and so did the adults.....we must do it again!!!!

Well here we go on the merry-go-round of life, work and everything in between!!

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