Sunday, 30 January 2011

This weeks menu and other things.....

Monday: Chicken Casserole & potatoes
Tuesday: Pasta Bolognese & garlic bread
Wednesday: Mum in laws for tea!!!
Thursday: Prawn Stir-fry(Hubby and Me) - Fish, potatoes and vegetables(Children)
Friday: Homemade burgers, potato wedges
Saturday: Family buffet
Sunday: Roast Dinner

I have got quite a bit of the main parts of the meals for this week which means a minimal spend to top up what I have...slowly but surely bringing down the shopping bill without bringing down the taste and all that I cook is cooked as healthily as possible.

I have had a lovely week and today ended it rather nicely....the only down side is I have been brimming over with ideas and haven't had chance to put those ideas into actions...hopefully that will happen this week....fingers crossed.

Work was a mix of creativeness and fun, with arts and craft leaning towards St Valentines Day, which is all good.  I also bought a set of soup bowls/cups with saucers(5) for £2 from a charity shop, whilst I was in there keeping warm waiting for my daughter ;o)

I love them and as I am a big soup maker they are going to be used all the time!!! Marvellous!!!

Yesterday, the weather was sunny but cold and I ventured out into the garden and tidied up a bit, it won't be long and I will be back in to the swing of planting and growing....exciting times ahead.

I would like to thank all the blogs I follow as they all feed me in different ways, creatively, emotionally, mentally and spititually.....they inspire me to be who I know I want to be in the future...Cheesy but true ;oP

No work tomorrow....blitzing the house(how sad am I that I have to book a day off to tidy my house)!!

I wish everyone a lovely week ahead...enjoy



  1. Hope you manage to get all the housework done today, you can relax for the rest of the week then. Those soup bowls are great, I never seem to find any bargains in charity shops.

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Maybe we can make marmalade together! Thanks for posting your menu plan. Its always nice to see what other people are making. I try to do a 2 week plan, including notes as to what is going on each day & space for a list. I have finally found a format that seems to be working, after several years! It still takes me an age to think of what to cook, hence doing 2 weeks at a time so don't have to do it every sunday. Once its done though, I love love love not having to think too hard!
    Enjoy the cleaning!
    Jacs x