Saturday, 8 January 2011

10 things I love.....

1. That 5-10 mins in the kitchen on my own before everybody gets up....:o)

2.  The smell of my children after they've had a bath

3.  Having the countryside just outside my backdoor

4.  Having a mountain as my view when I pull the blinds up every morning.

5.  Having a happy healthy family to share my life with.

6.  Still having my 91 year old Nanna to spend some quality time with.

7.  Having a gorgeous sexy husband that I love so deeply and he loves me the same right back!

8.  Friends who know me so well...

9.  Having  a job, and having a job that allows me to be creative and make someone's day a bit brighter.

10.  Being's not a bad gig and it's been fun, great and wonderful 40 years.

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