Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year - 2011

It is amazing how the beginning of another year fills you with hope, optimism and enthusiasm!  How long it will last is up to us!!!  I know that 2011 is going to be a hard year thanks to governments past and present so I am starting my year with my heart set on being as frugal in every way as I possibly can!  I need to lose weight, get fit and be as green as I possibly can too.  I want to bring a little bit of sunshine in to someone's life every day...which I seem to be doing in my job which is a beautiful and blessed part of working where I do!!..but I want to spread it further so a plan must be hatched ;o)

I am going to try to lose weight by myself..which basically means not joining a may be that I join together with like minded people and we work together and put money away for Christmas 2011 instead of paying a big company!!!!   I am hoping to gt fit by trying(!!!) to make use of my bike, and my legs(running).  My children also have a Wii fit so I will be making use of that in the near future too.  The only thing I want to be paying for is swimming as I love to swim and it is a good allround exercise!!

In 2010 I left a job I had done for nearly 20 years, the opportunity of redundancy came up and I saw it as an opportunity!  I was lucky enough to finish my job and start another, totally different and wonderful job within a week.  The only downside to this is that I earn less than half of what I was earning.  However I saw this as an opportunity to give myself a "kick up the backside" and start trying to sell the stuff I have been making as presents etc for people I know and love.  So the Creative Natalie will be attempting to spread her wings and jump off the ledge and seeing if she can actually fly!!!! This is a frightening but also exciting prospect.

So this year will be filled with being frugal, fit, healthy, happy and green..and if I discover anything that can help another person on this earth then I will pass it on!!!

Have an amazing 2011


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