Tuesday, 11 January 2011

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11/1/11 - Open Mic -Where I read one of my own poems and someone elses!!

Today was one of those days when you think...God, thank you for blessing me...I did some arts and crafts with some of the residents where I work and we made "cards for any occassion.  What was beautiful about today is that I worked with a blind lady and helped her make 3 cards...It was amazing describing the bits I was placing on the cards and I ensured that most things I used had some texture or dark colour to help her get an idea of what she was making, on the way back to her unit she kept telling me how much she had enjoyed herself :o)))  The other residents who also came down were very happy too. so a good day allround!!!

Then this evening I went to "Torfaen Open Mic with my dad and had a great evening of poetry, prose and music.....and a weak shandy!!!

I think I will need to start doing a menu plan etc from next week as the Christmas shop is finally dwindling away.  I am also going to start recycling my tetrapac from tomorrow and this will ensure I investigate where I can dispose of them...Cardboard also...as my local council don't do either, even though they do food & garden, plastic, cans etc, glass, shoes and clothing when they do their kerbside collection :o( .  Also I'm waiting for there to be a few dry days for me to get the wood I have over to my dads so he can chain saw it into manageable pieces and start making my newspaper bricks for the chimenea and hopefully sometime in 2011 my WOODBURNING STOVE!!!!!!!(Very excited!!!!!!) - I have used them in the chimenea before and they were brill as they burn slowly and don't make a mess.  but you need dry days to make them and dry them out(but I may have to resort to the garage as I have a pile of papers that I have saved!  Oh the joys of trying to be a bit greener eh.

I have also done my usual trick of buying bananas and forgetting about them - So as they are now very, very, ripe I will make some low fat cakes with them.

Well thats all from me for today......love to you all xxxx


  1. I do storytelling (folktales as part of the oral tradition).Don't do much now - open floor at a storytelling session in Hammersmith, floor spot if I go to my local folk club and at "Carols & Pies" at work before Christmas. There is a lovely atmosphere at an event where people in the audience contribute to the entertainment and much better than always passively receiving. And a good way of forging a sense of community so I think very green. So would like to hear more of your open mic events

  2. What made it lovely is near the end of the night a lady brought her drum out and my dad had his yukalayly(I know that is the wrong spelling but you know what I mean!!!!!) And they sang a lovely folk song to end the night....It was lovely because it was spontaneous and everybody started joining in...
    I am the youngest there most of the time but it is a wild and varied mix of people reading their work, and the work of poets they like and many different styles so an interesting and fun night is guaranteed!! It happens once a month on a Tuesday and its lush to spend time with my dad on our own. I think what you are doing is lovely too..tell me more..I want to start reading Welsh folk tales...my eldest daughter has told some of them and they are beautiful and its a bit bad not knowing them being a Welsh Girl!!!!!I am sure I have a book somewhere that has translated them from Welsh to English so I have no excuse really!!!!