Friday, 7 January 2011

Thank Crunchie it's Friday......!!

1st week of 2011 is almost over and I have to admit it has gone very quickly....should I be happy.....I don't know...My life is speeding past me and I have got to start stopping to smell the flowers....As my previous posts have indicated I am taking photographs and writing a poem each day which I hope will be a sort of diary of what has happened in my life in 2011....I am also hoping to complete a Scrapbook of the 40 years I have been on this earth.

I need to start filling my life and my children's life with memories that they will charish for a lifetime and then try to do with their children!  For instance...when I was younger I led out in the garden with my brother and dad and waited for a meteor shower and last year I did the same with my husband and took me right back to when I was a child and it was lovely.  So hopefully 2011 will ba a year of making memories!  No a bad wish for the new year eh!

I'm still feeling sapped of energy which is annoying but not a major issue...but as the weeks go on I am sure it will come back.   A bit more exercise and a little less eating of chocolates and crisps might be put a spring back in my step!!!!  So I'm finishing a rather large box of maltesers off today ;oP 

Also I have had an enquiry about making a nappy cake!!!!! I am so excited and hope this might lead to something...but if it doesn't there is no big deal...nothing ventured nothing gained....I have only made one for my sister in law but the picture was on my facebook page!!

Not bad for a 1st attempt!!

So I will be scanning the internet for some ideas and bits and bobs!!!!

Anyway TTFN xx

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