Saturday, 15 January 2011

Old Mother Hubbard........

I have put off going shopping to try and use up the food etc I bought over Christmas and today I was officially "Old mother Hubbard..." well, ok, slight exaggeration but I didn't fancy, vegetarian meatballs, spinach and bread as a meal from the freezer and fruit wise I only had some slightly worse for wear Kiwi fruit in the bottom of my fridge that will make part of a smoothie tomorrow!!!

I went to the Co-operative and Asda to do my shopping as I had £10 worth of vouchers for the Co-op and a book of "healthy eating" vouchers for Asda.

I proceeded to spend £48 in the Co-op (so only spent £38) and £137 in Asda (but after discounts and vouchers I only spent £121).

I don't think I will need to go shopping for at least two weeks!!! (Marvellous)

I would like to point out that included in the money spent were 2 roasting tins, two trays for the oven, tonnes of Ecover products as they were all 1/2 price, a large 15kg bag of dog food, "healthy" lunch box staples, juices and cereals etc and a device to enable me not to mess up poaching an egg(sad I know!!!!) so I think I've done pretty good!!!

I am still pondering over the meal plan for next week, but rest assured, after weighing myself this morning I will be watching what I eat ;oO!!!!   

One things for sure...I am making a gorgeous Beef Stew for tomorrow!!!

Night night all xx


  1. I'm keeping away from the scales, I know I've put on weight though as my jeans are much tighter than they were before Christmas.

  2. I haven't weighed myself for months...I know why now!!! I wasn't shocked but I will be cutting down a bit and moving around a bit more!!