Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Talk the then I must walk the walk :O)

I have been scanning through the blogs I am following to get some ideas for things I can do in 2011. Last year, as I was appoaching my 40th birthday I decided to so many things and then was disappointed when I didn't do all of them...I have, therefore, decided to give myself until my 41st birthday to fulfil the things I secretly listed(!!).  I am also going to put myself under some pressure and if I scream it from the rooftops on here then I have to do it...even though I only have two followers.(at the moment!!!)..It is on here, proof, therefore I have to do it!!

So in 2011 I am going to....

1. Make 52 objects, whether it be a card, some earrings, a lavender heart......!!!(put pictures on here)

2. From tomorrow try and do a random act of kindness each day....feed my soul!!!!(mention them on here)

3. Try to supplement my current wages by attempting to sell items I have made!!!

4. Do something to help my local community!!!

5. From tomorrow take a photograph and write a poem(Most likely haiku) a day to chart my 1st year in the naughty forties

6.  Write a homegrown/frugal/healthy recipe - gift ideas book

7.  Continue with the novel that I started yonks ago trying to do 250 words minimum a day!

8. Post something on my blog/s every day

9.  Learn how to "pretty up" my blogs

10. Enjoy every grateful for all I have and try, try, try not to be negative!! goes....I wish myself luck and will keep you posted!!!!!

Also posted it on FB to ensure I keep my 2011 to-do list11


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  1. That's some goal you've set yourself - good luck with keeping it up, somebody will be watching .....