Sunday, 2 January 2011

Just another day...

I still feel enthusiastic and positive when the television and papers are full of tales of doom and gloom for the year ahead....I filled up the cars with petrol as that has seemed to have gone up in price every day!!!! and is set to go up again on Tuesday!!!  But I look at this as a reason for me to not use the car so much...I can easily walk the children to school in the morning if I got up 10 minutes earlier.   I could walk the dog in the local area rather than drive to where I walk him or alternate!!!  So what is a negative in some ways will have a positive effect...hopefully ;o)   I have sorted out my ironing pile and found that 2 black bags full are too small, or will never be worn again so I will be donating them to charity and giving them to my relatives that are younger than my children!!  So on a positive ironing pile is getting smaller(also my mother has done the childrens ironing for me - for which I am eternally grateful!!!!!!).

I have cupboards and freezers full of food so I am going to see what can be conjured up from them and will not have to spend out too much on groceries this month.  I really want to grow more this year and will be looking at my gardening/allotment/vegetable books to try and get my timing right.  I have learnt from last year that....brocolli grows bigger than I thought.....hanging baskets look better hanging rather than balancing on a table! and gooseberries are gorgeous when you grew them yourself...and if you plant stuff in the greenhouse make sure your labrador cant get in there...The highlight of my year gardening wise was having a Sunday dinner which I had almost grown all myself!!!!  And with a hard year on the financial front being forecast...every little thing I can do has got to be a good thing.

As previously stated the getting fit and eatting healthy thing is soemthing that everyone does...however I am now 40 and I have developed arthiritis in my hip and problems with my foot and I am convinced that me being overweight isn't helping the situation so I am hoping this will "encourage" me to pull my finger out!!!  Only time will tell...

I will checking on the local council website for sites that recycle tetrapac and cardboard to make my household a bit greener which I promsed myself I would do but didn't get around to doing.

So I want 2011 to be the year of doing and not just saying!!!!! If I can talk the talk I must be brave enough to walk the walk!!

Health and Happiness xxx


  1. You sound so positive - I want to grow my own, but will stop short of owning and slaughtering cattle. Now if I can just convince myself that I'm a keen gardener then I might just do it. Also want to start running again, so will dig out my "from couch to 5K" or whatever it's called.

  2. I will help you with the gardening if you help me with the running!!! Deal or no deal??? It's up to you!!!